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Argentine company, founded in 1992 by computer
technicians and systems analysts.
TExplore Antivirus Lab. 2023

We provide services without interruption since 1992, we made development of various software applications, specializing in the informatic virus investigation, discoverers of the "Accept" virus in 1994, we innovated techniques to apply to our own design of "Troyan Explore Antivirus" computer security. TExplore AV created in August 2001, until today, more than Two Decades, continue to research and evolve, analyzing and classifying all the information added daily to our database, until 2006 the system was produced and distributed non-profit, keeping today the free version for free scanning equipment and launching the advanced full version under exclusive licenses.
We have implemented in our system all the knowledge acquired during almost three decades of experience in hard services, soft and computer security. Innovate every day in the growth and development of the antivirus since its inception, we have produced various technologies that have been incorporated into the system, the revision mode combining database and heuristics, investigating changes of different malware that appears continuosly and requires constant attention our part.
Daily we add all newly discovered viruses and their variants, of the adware and spyware analyzed. We review and improve the entire operation of the code. We research every day to bring our large database can have much information as possible, that made our antivirus be more capable, complete and secure. Continuos and hard work are worth the performance achieved.
The permanent research and engineering, the recollection and classification of data by our laboratory, makes the database TExplore AV is far superior to similar products on the market known antivirus that does not give significant viruses, adware and spyware in circulation.
Given the increasing and devastating amount of hazardous or unwanted applications, viruses, adware and spyware that are freely circulating online, is essential to improve the security to apply in each computer, minimizing the chances of serious problems, selecting the most appropriate protection, complete and reliable, to protect the privacy of users and the preservation of their data. The repairs are usually difficult, expensive and high risk to the integrity of the information and systems.
We receive ongoing recognition of our local and international users as well as media and businesses that have highlighted the effectiveness and capabilities of TExplore AV from its creation as well as its constant evolution.
Many thanks to all, is very gratifying that TExplore AV it useful.

"It is an efficient detector of Trojans..."
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"Argentine Antivirus. No doubt an application to be considered by all users..."
Boletin Segu-Info, 08-2006
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