TExplore Antivirus
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Setup and licences purchase

-We recommend print this page-

Steps to TExplore Antivirus install and activation on each computer >

  • On the computer where you installed TExplore Antivirus:
    For the first and only time install the "Demo" version on your PC.

    -Download with Mozilla Firefox and install from this link TEXPLORE_INST
    then from the folder TExplore AV SETUP on your screen
    un Instalar.exe that will complete the initial setup

    Important to avoid conflicts or false positives:
    -Uninstall other security systems.

    -We recommend download TExploreAV with Mozilla Firefox
  • From the folder TExplore AV SETUP on your screen run Licencia.exe
    (Shows contract and generates your customized ID for system activation)
    -Packs of licenses and other queries write to info@troyanexplore.com.ar
  • Search the file LICENCIA.TXT (Contains your license ID)
    Send as attachment to the email antivirus@troyanexplore.com.ar
  • First you will receive an email with a personalized link to purchase the system.
    Cost of unitary license $AR 6349 (annual), ask for
    multi-license promotions.
    Upon accreditation you receive email with download link of the antivirus enabled
    Finally download and install TExplore AV from link received from "wetransfer".

    Check your SPAM or Not Desired mail boxes for our sent comunications.
  • TExplore AV then controls and downloads the updates.
    The new editions will be downloaded automatically to apply.

    (Always the last edition of the product completely includes all the versions)

Steps to generate and send your licence number >

On desktop or C:\EXTROYAN\


Limitations of liability>
The responsibility of TExplore AV (R) under this or any other implied or express warranty, is limited to updating, improving or replacing versions of the product TExplore AV (R), only within the period of validity of the license Compensation are the sole and exclusive remedies against any breach. TExplore AV (R) will not be responsible for any malware not detected under any method and circumstance. TExplore AV (R) will not be responsible for any damage and / or loss of data caused by any type of malware repaired or not repaired under any method and circumstance.
TExplore AV (R) shall not be liable for any direct, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use or any breach or any other legal theory (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of profits, Damage to the equipment and / or property, at any cost of recovery, repair, reprogramming, reproduction of any program or information stored or lost), even if TExplore AV (R) has been advised of the possibility Of such damages. The validity of the licenses begins at the time of purchase, the period of validity is not accounted for by their use.
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All intellectual rights and property of
Troyan Explore Antivirus - Law N.11723